Celebrating Success

Concept Claim Solutions is delighted to recognise and congratulate Sam and Zaf for their exceptional performance. In just one year, they have managed and are still in the process of completing 49 claims with a total value of approximately £1,219,000.

When asked about their first year as Concept Claim Solutions franchise partners, Sam and Zaf had nothing but positive things to say. “Our first year of trading has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn a new field. We have made great connections with both clients and tradespeople whom we work closely with. We have also had the pleasure of dealing with many clients’ insurance claims, from fire damage to escape of water, where our input has been invaluable and has created lifelong relationships,” Sam said.

Zaf added, “In the first year, we have managed to help many vulnerable clients to resolve their issues. In certain circumstances, we have managed to arrange alternative accommodation and get them out of their unsafe property. We have benefitted from the head office referral partners for lead generation and it has been easy to create and build our own relationships with referral partners who are essential to our business.”

Sam said “One of the highlights was resolving a claim for a client who was left homeless due to severe flood damage to their property“.

Zaf agreed and added, “We also had the opportunity to train and shadow with Owen Moon, another franchisee. It was an amazing experience and was very informative.

Sam and Zaf have overcome numerous obstacles along the way and never lost sight of their goals. We congratulate them on an outstanding year-one performance and look forward to celebrating many more successes with them in the future.